What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a partnership between growers and eaters. Shareholders (CSA customers) make a commitment to eating healthier food and supporting local farmers at the same time. By becoming a member you pay for your vegetables, flowers and cheese in advance so we, your farmers, have the capital we need to begin the season. In turn, when the CSA begins you receive a weekly (or bi-weekly) box of fresh, naturally grown produce for the entire growing season.

Prior to the CSA we are maintaining the fields, fixing tools, planning our crop rotation and cleaning our greenhouses. Your investment allows us to purchase new seeds, seed trays, potting soil and much much more. As farmers we do our best to provide a great harvest for each of our shareholders, but with the uncertainties of nature, CSA members and farmers share the loss together. Your purchase secures a long-term market for our farmers and reduces some of the risks associated with small-scale farming.

The New South CSA is unique in that it is the only multi-farm CSA program in Arkansas. By working together and sourcing produce from different regions of the state, our team of Certified Organic and Certified Naturally Grown farmers is able to provide the freshest local produce at an affordable price during the Spring, Summer and Fall months with less risk to the consumer.

Why join?
Support Local Farmers 

By supporting your Arkansas farmers you move closer to the food you eat, literally and figuratively. More often than we’d like to hear, food travels hundreds or thousands of miles to get to our grocery stores. When you buy food from our farmers you will eat with confidence knowing that it was grown local to you and that it will stay fresh longer. Buying locally means you are strengthening the economic base of our community.

Seasonal Eating

The reality of produce seasonality paired with our tasty recipe suggestions will make your entire season with us a flavorful adventure. Keep in mind, this means that tomatoes, strawberries and even squash have their own unique growing season. Cold weather brings out the leafy greens and lettuce heads, while the warmer months fill your box with melons and squash. Our produce is picked at the peak of freshness when it is in season meaning a more nutritious, longer lasting product.

Be Healthy 

New South’s farmers are all USDA Certified Organic or Certified Naturally Grown meaning no harsh chemicals are used on our crops, and we use soil amending treatments like compost. While our subscription might not completely replace your need to visit the grocery store or the weekend farmer’s market, it will keep healthy options consistently in your home for a full growing season.

Build Community

By committing to the CSA you will be closer to your food and to the farmers who grew it. Meet shareholders at pick-ups and swap recipes or chit chat with our volunteers. Stay connected with our weekly newsletters that include farm updates, recipes and storage tips. Follow us on Facebook for special farm-to-table events.

Where are the CSA pick-ups?

New South partners with local food champions across Arkansas to offer 16 produce pick-up locations on Wednesdays and Fridays. Choose the location and day of the week that is most convenient for you when you sign up.

Visiting friends in Fayetteville for the weekend? Whether you need to switch your pick-up location once or for the rest of the season, we help. Just give us a heads up by Monday morning of your pickup week.

Northwest Arkansas
Wednesday Locations

Fort Smith:

  • ArcBest Corporation – 8401 McClure Drive
  • Mercy Hospital – 7301 Rogers Avenue
  • Sparks Health – 1001 Towson Avenue


  • Brightwater Culinary Institute – 801 SE 8th Street 
Friday Locations


  • Feed Communities Office – Downtown Springdale


  • Feed Communities Office – 221 S. Locust Avenue
Central Arkansas
Wednesday Locations


  • Squizito Tasting Room – 2051 W. Main Street, D2


  • Bell Urban Farm – 2001 Tyler Street


  • St. Bernard’s Wellness – 1416 E. Matthews Avenue

Little Rock 

  • Heifer International – 1 World Avenue


  • The Natural Food Store – 500 S. Main Street
Friday Locations


  • The Painted Tree Marketplace – 24351 I-30

Little Rock

  • Arkansas Children’s Hospital Fitness Center – 1621 W 10th
  • Fellowship Bible Church – 1401 Kirk Rd
  • Unitarian Church – 1818 Reservoir Road

North Little Rock

  • New South Warehouse – 101 N. Market Plaza

Visiting friends in Fayetteville for the weekend?

Whether you need to switch your pick-up location once or for the rest of the season, we help. Just give us a heads up by Monday morning of your pickup week.

 2018 Fall CSA