What’s Included?


Produce. Flowers. Cheese. Meat.
What’s in a CSA share?

A produce box contains an average of 7-9 seasonal items. We recommend one share for a family of 2-3, although that may depend on the amount of fruits and vegetables you normally eat.

The produce you receive in each share will reflect what’s in season and ready for harvest at our farms. Items like lettuce, greens & onions will be more consistent during the cold seasons, but we do our best to keep variety in each box.

Aside from vegetable shares, we also offer optional add-on items. Our add-on items include cheese, flowers, meat and jelly, and are grown, raised and harvested here in Arkansas as well.

* To view a list of produce you might expect throughout the season, click HERE.

Produce Shares


$240 ($30 per week)

Sign ups are open now for 8 weekly deliveries of Arkansas’ best autumn produce. Fall deliveries begin September 26th and end on November 16th.


$120 ($30 per pickup)

Pick up your produce on an every-other-week schedule during any of our growing seasons. This option is great for first time CSA members and small households.


$440 ($27.50 per week)

A full season share includes 16 deliveries through our Spring & Summer season. The first delivery will come in the end of April or early May.


Sign ups will open for our 2019 season at the end of 2018.


$240 ($30 per week)

Spring Only and Summer Only 8-week shares are here! These half-season memberships are great for folks who want to take advantage of a particular growing season.


Sign ups will open for our 2019 season at the end of 2018.

What are add-on options?

We proudly offer bouquets as a share and an add-on option from Dripping Springs Garden and Whitton Farms. Our flowers are certified naturally grown, raised with organic methods for the use of pollinating our farms and decorating your homes. A bouquet will come wrapped in wax paper and be delivered to our CSA pick-ups. To view a list of some flowers you can expect to see, click HERE.


White River Creamery is located in the Elkins, Arkansas. Tessa and Scott provide fresh goat cheese from their herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. Their goat milk is as good as the health of the herd – the goats are managed humanely and as naturally as possible.

Their cheese is neatly packaged in 5-ounce containers and is delivered fresh to your CSA pickup. Flavors will change from week to week.


We have a partnership with Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative, a co-op whose beliefs in sustainability and healthy living align with ours, their farmers raise livestock GMO, antibiotic and growth hormone free. As an add-on option for our shareholders we offer four different meat share options: Grilling Pack, Poultry Pack, Beef and Pork Pack, and Whole Farm Pack

Flower Shares & Add-Ons


Fall Season

$80 ($10 / pickup)

September 26-November 16

Fall Bi-Weekly

$40 ($10 / pickup)

Every other week throughout the Fall CSA season

Cheese Share Add-Ons


Fall Season

8 weeks

$64 ($8 / pickup)

September 26-November 16

5 oz per share

Fall Bi-weekly

4 weeks

$32 ($8 / pickup)

Every other week throughout the Fall CSA season

5 oz per share

Grass Roots Coop Meat Share Add-Ons


$35 per distribution

Contains 1 Whole Chicken, 2 lbs Ground Beef and 1 Pork Loin

One-time, bi-weekly, and weekly deliveries available

8.5 pounds of pasture-raised chicken, forested pork and grass-fed beef


$60 per distribution

Contains 3 lbs Ground Beef, 10 Bratwursts and 10 Drumsticks

One-time, bi-weekly, and weekly deliveries available

8 pounds of pasture-raised chicken, forested pork and grass-fed beef


$65 per distribution

Contains 2 Pork Chops, 1 lb. Mild Breakfast Sausage, 12 oz. Bacon, 1 lb. Ground Beef, 1 pack Short Ribs, and either 1 Beef Chuck or Shoulder Roast

Limited to 1 distribution per customer per season

9 pounds of grass-fed beef and forested pork


$65 per distribution

Contains 2 packs of Drumsticks, 2 Chicken Breasts, 2 Chicken Thighs and 2 lbs. Ground Chicken

One-time, bi-weekly, and weekly deliveries available

8.5 pounds of pasture-raised chicken

*The meat shares above contain pasture-raised chicken, forested pork, & grass-fed beef.
None of the meats contain hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Each box will be delivered frozen to your CSA pick up in an insulated cooler bag.
Learn more about Grass Roots at grassrootscoop.com.

We'll send you fresh seasonal recipes, stories from our farms & a sweet thank gift for signing up today. <3
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