Airship Coffee Goes Above & Beyond

Airship Coffee Goes Above & Beyond

Written by Claire Bullard of Airship Coffee. Get Airship Coffee in our CSA this season. 

Great things happen when shared values align between two organizations working to create a more sustainable food system.

At Airship, our mission is to go above and beyond to elevate coffee and the lives of those it touches. We are deeply involved at the farm level and committed to using our talents to develop amazing coffee through relationships that are built on trust. We work alongside growers, experimenting with techniques, testing ideas in the field, and sharing what we learn to improve the crop. Our commitment at the farm level is how we make your coffee better.

There are few things that bring us more joy than connecting conscious consumers with amazing coffees that were crafted by skilled coffee growers. Through our long-term partnerships we bring you coffees that are the product of hard work and ingenuity.

One of the coffees you love the most is our Buffalo Blend. It’s flavor profile is sweet and balanced, which makes it the perfect coffee to enjoy every day. Buffalo Blend is produced using a “semi-wash” post-harvest processing method that uses 80% less water than conventional methods and results in a sweet and approachable cup with sugar cane sweetness and milk chocolate undertones.

For the past seven years we’ve worked closely with the Valiente family of El Salvador to develop sustainable farm practices that improve quality in the cup and preserve natural resources on the farm. As a result, Buffalo Blend is a more environmentally friendly coffee, perfectly tailored to our customers’ palate. Whether we’re selecting coffees for specific blends or single origins, relationship coffee means our approach goes above and beyond merely finding green coffee.

You trust New South Cooperative to provide you with ethically sourced, sustainable food. We’re thankful they are creating ways to make local food more accessible and we’re honored to participate in the Local Makers Medley.  Our commitment to the perfect cup is a never-ending journey and we’re looking forward to offering you coffees you can enjoy every day.

Thank you for being part of our story.


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