Full Farm Bundle

This post refers to our 2017 season. 

Your box will always include at least 8 produce items, one goat cheese sampler pack, a flower bouquet and Grass Roots meat (meats vary from what meat share you choose)

A Farm Bundle, oh my!

This year, we’ve introduced a few new deals into the mix: cheese, flowers, a bi-weekly produce share, and now a full farm bundle share. Our fall CSA starts in just one month, what better time to save than now? The Full Farm Bundle gives you a chance to enjoy fresh produce and cheese and local flowers for eight weeks (with two deliveries of Grass Roots meat) for 5% less.

How does it work?

1. Select the location of where you’d like to pickup each week.

2. Pick the “Full Farm Bundle Share”.

3. Attach any optional add-ons to your order.

4. Choose your payment plan (in full or in 3 installments) & notice your savings of almost $27.00!

5. Leave the name of the meat share you’d like in the comments section.

*NOTE: We have 4 different meat share options, please select one at checkout. Don’t know what meat shares we have? Click Here.

Then, on September 26th-29th you will pickup your first CSA share of the season! Each week you will take home a produce share, a 5-ounce pack of goat cheese, and a flower bouquet. And on weeks 3 and 7 of the fall season, you will take home your box of Grass Roots Coop meat!

If you have ANY questions, call us at 501.291.2598. We’re happy to help!

Cheers, to a greener future!