5 Acres of Inspiration

On any given morning, you can find Brandon Gordon in his fields. He is a full-time farmer at 5 Acre Farm in Bradford, with two small boys and a love for what he does. I recently asked Brandon what attracted him to a life of farming.

“When I first started farming, I would have said something about sustainability and a slower, simpler lifestyle than the typical 9-5 job offers.  While that’s still true today, I would say the challenge of farming is what drives me.  No matter how much I learn, I’ll never master farming. I can’t foresee ever getting bored with it.”
That love of the challenge is what pushes him to try new things on the farm, like new varieties of vegetables, growing sprouts for the first time this year, putting up new hoop houses, and tilling into new earth.
Brandon’s love of farming is also infectious. He has two part-time workers on his farm, and each of them are now looking to purchase their own land soon. By not only teaching his techniques but sharing his enthusiasm with a new generation of farmers, he is helping to ensure that our farming heritage will be preserved.
I asked Brandon how farming has impacted his own family.
“Luckily we were able to go through the time consuming early phases of building the farm before we had children.  Now that we have the boys, we can set our hours to still have time to devote to them.  That’s not to say we aren’t working weekends and some late nights.  Having our own farm allows us to bring them to the farm when we have extra work.”
His love of the challenge of farming keeps him growing, too. “The biggest change to the farm this year is the addition of the pack shed. It makes washing and packing [produce] much more efficient as well as enjoyable.”