Batesville, AR

Lonnie Clark + Family

Although they’ve always enjoyed growing produce in their home garden, Batesville natives Lonnie and Stacey are relatively new to commercial farming. Together with their four children, the Clarks work as a family to make their small farm successful. As part of the cooperative, they especially enjoy working with and learning from other Arkansas farmers.


Wynne, AR

Brothers Steve and Jeff Dettelbach + Family

The Dettelbach family operates a diversified produce and livestock farm in the Delta region. They are members of both New South and Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative, and they integrate livestock into their vegetable production in a way that promotes healthy growth for both their plants and animals. The Dettelbachs are proud to be restoring their agricultural community through sustainable practices and growing food that their neighbors actually eat.


Pleasant Plains, AR

Brandon + Cat Gordon

Although their farm is only five acres, Brandon and Cat Gordon use responsible farming practices and technology to make the most of their space. In addition to growing all sorts of beautiful produce, Brandon provides technical assistance to our other farmers, checking in with them every couple of weeks to share his vast knowledge of sustainable growing practices.


Booneville, AR

Joe Carr + Family

After raising cattle in his early years in farming, Joe developed an interest in produce and helped co-found the Fort Smith Farmers’ Market in 2003, Together, Joe and his wife Vilma are now teaching their two sons, Cordell and Jordan, about the joys and hard work involved in sustainable farming. Together, they are living proof that it takes a supportive family to be successful in small-scale agriculture.


Jacksonville, AR

Eddie Stuckey + daughter-in-law Stormy

Eddie came into farming by chance in 2009 and quickly realized his passion for sustainable agriculture and local food. On and off the farm, he enjoys teaching his granddaughter about the joys of cultivating high-quality produce. Eddie has been able to use upfront payments from the CSA to help build another high tunnel on his farm, extending his growing season and adding to his annual income.


Sheridan, AR

Josh Hardin

Even with a long family history in farming, Josh is continuing to pave his own way in agriculture. In addition to Laughing Stock, his Certified Organic farm in Sheridan, Josh has also worked to add a Certified Naturally Grown plot to his family farm in Grady. Even with a lifetime of experience, Josh values humility and continues to enjoy gaining new skills and knowledge.


Vilonia, AR

Tara Stainton + Family

At her beautiful farm outside of Vilonia, Tara and her family grow an assortment of Certified Organic vegetables and flowers. Tara is as passionate as they come and loves growing healthy, high quality produce to share with her community. She thinks everyone should know where their food comes from and how it was grown. Her passion is evident in everything she grows, from delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers to her two adorable boys!


Tyronza, AR

Jill + Keith Forrester

Jill and her husband Keith, a fourth generation farmer, started as teachers living on family farm land in Tyronza, AR. However, they quickly realized their knack and passion for growing vegetables and flowers, and they haven’t been able to stop since! In addition to growing delicious food and participating in local farmers markets, they also operate two farm to table restaurants in Memphis and Tyronza.

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