In recent years, every industry has undergone rapid, extensive and sometimes devastating changes, and the food industry is no exception.

Our world is changing, our population is growing, our climate is changing and our food systems are under more pressure than ever. The demand for food is expected to increase by 50% and the demand for food of animal origin by almost 70%.

Like us farm animals, we started experimentally in the 1960s, but became an industry in Norway in the 1980s and Chile in the 1990s. The salmon farming industry has grown significantly in recent years. 40 years,

The future of us

We recognize that increased crop production is necessary to ensure future protein needs are met, but this must be accompanied by a significant reduction in environmental impact and an improvement in resource efficiency. We recognize our ability and responsibility to drive positive change on a large scale and we are committed to seeking and supporting progress in the pursuit of healthy and sustainable food systems.

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