Herbs (Storage + Cooking Tips)

Drying Herbs

Tie stems in bundles and hang the herbs upside down. Use twist-ties so you can easily tighten the bundles when stems shrink as they dry. A warm, dry spot is best; avoid the kitchen. Wrap muslin, a mesh produce bag or a paper bag with several holes around the bundle, and tie it at the neck.

A drying screen helps dry leaves or sprigs. Make your own from an old window screen or hardware cloth mesh stapled to scrap wood or a picture frame. Lay cheesecloth over the screen, and place herbs on the cloth. Herbs can take a few hours to several days to dry fully.


To store herbs in the refrigerator, first place them stem-side down in a jar of water like you would with fresh flowers. This keeps the herbs hydrated and prevents them from wilting in the bag, allowing them to stay fresh much longer

*Keep in mind that basil should not be refrigerated, but most other herbs should be stored in the fridge.


Different herbs may be used in different recipes to bring out their flavor, but here are a few that can be used with almost any herbs:

Herb Butter

Herb-Roasted Vegetables

Herb-Roasted Whole Chicken

Herb Vinaigrette

Herb Mashed Potatoes