Sweet Potatoes (Storage + Cooking Tips)

Storing Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are cured when packaged in y our CSA boxes. The curing time will range from 15 to 35 days. During the curing processes, the sweet potatoes will develop a more pronounced taste that is very sweet.

Select a cool and dry area to store your potatoes. If proper environmental storage is not met, your potatoes are more likely to sproImage result for sweet potatoes storage tipsut and rot. We recommend storing your sweet potatoes as is (do not wash them before storing). The dirt on this root crop acts a shield. Washing could easily lead to rot, with too much moisture left on the sweet potatoes. If the dirt on the sweet potatoes is an issue with storing, use a dry cloth to remove any excess dirt after harvesting. If you have mistakenly pierced any of your potatoes while harvesting, do not fret. The potatoes will naturally heal themselves while in the curing process.




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