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Favorite Cooking Oils


The New South family is aching for leaves to turn colors and the autumn harvest to begin… winter squash, sweet potatoes, ginger and tumeric–can you blame us?

These Arkansas grown delicacies signal family gatherings and our eight-week fall produce box season. Starting Wednesday, September 26, you can pick up your CSA subscription of organically grown produce at our new Cabot pickup location: Squizito Tasting Room on Main Street.

As you’ve come to expect from New South, all our produce are sourced from Certified Organic and Certified Naturally Arkansas farmers. This season, we’re introducing local jams, new meat share options and honey from Privet Hedge Farms of Cabot into the mix.

The Taylor family successfully completed the Naturally Grown certification of their apiary at Privet Hedge. Wish them well and support their decision to farm sustainably by signing on for the season at newsouthcoop.com.


In anticipation of this fall’s seasonal eating adventure, we’re thinking about the cooking oils you’ll want to have on hand when that first CSA box comes home.


  1. Coconut Oil
    This oil is great for high-heat cooking and sauteing while adding a hint of tropical goodness to your dishes. The light fruity flavor mixes well with cumins, gingers and curries.

  2. Olive Oil
    The king of cooking oils is best used in homemade marinades and dressings or when cooking at low temperatures. It’s also our favorite for roasting veggies. Want to get the most out of Olive Oil? RSVP for Squizitos Olive Oil 101.

  3. Butter
    Butter melts at 98.5 degrees – the same temp as the inside of your mouth – making this oil perfect for adding the final creamy touch to dishes, like mashed sweet potatoes or winter squash soups.


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